Where We Are Going, We Don't Need Quarters....

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A retro and revolutionary twist on the pinball genre!

Test your skills with this blast-from-the-past 16-bit style Infinity Pinball Machine Pocket Game!

With nostalgic retro style and infinitely long procedurally generated pinball tables, the fun never ends! Continually flip and ping your ball up up up (and fall down down down) the table levels for endless fun as you earn points, win coins, collect unique balls and unlock new tables.

Each infinite pinball table has its own original design theme, soundtrack and unique bash toys! Get your ball into the side pockets to change the bash toy and unlock a bonus stage where even more coins can be won! Watch your hearts as you only get 3 lives per game!

Infinity Pinball Game Features


5 infinite Pinball Tables with unique soundtracks, designs and bash toys!


9 Radical Balls to Collect!


11 skins for your virtual Pocket Game!


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